No more calluses with our Callus Removers!

If you’re looking for something to remove calluses or hardened skin on your feet/heels, then look no further! The YNR® corn and callus removers are a unique tool designed for the safe and effective removal of just that, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.
With new policy changes on many marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon, the sale of Callus removers as well the blades are now being banned with it being difficult to find those products on the sites. But not to worry! We’ve got you! You can still find a range of callus removers and replacement blades on our website.
So what are some of the good things about callus removers?
Thick-callused skin is not only unattractive but can crack and be painful.  We would all love to have time and money to enjoy regular pedicures to have attractive feet.  Sometimes prolonged pressure and friction from incorrect fitting shoes or being on your feet a long time, can cause hard skin to build up. 
The YNR® callus hard skin remover tool provides a great result with very little effort and expense.
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE – The YNR® Callus Hard Skin Remover comes with 10 brand new replacement blades for safe painless effective professional results at home. The blades are specifically angled so that they provide minimal pressure on the skin to remove the hard skin build-up.
  • QUALITY DESIGN - The YNR® Callus Hard Skin Remover has been designed with a stainless steel head and ergonomically sculpted handle for ease of control when in use, ensuring you have smooth beautiful feet in minutes.
  • INSTANT ELIMINATION OF CALLUSED SKIN – Easy and quick to use, far more effective than expensive electric callus removal tools.
  • REUSEABLE – Simply rinse with water to clean.
We have several types of callus removers available. From plastic ones, to steel, and different shapes and colours. 
Take a look at our range here.
Replacement blade packs can be found here.