YNR® Blackhead Whitehead Pimple Acne Blemish Comedone Extractor Remover Tool Set



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Using Acne Tool Steps:

1.0 Preparing Basic Needs medical alcohol pads, come done skincare tools, antiseptic wipes, or cotton pads.

2.0 Selecting Right Extracting Tool: big acne with wide loop, needling surface skin and extracting blemishes, etc.

3.0 Open the Skin Pores: Washing face with warm water or placing a hot wet towel over face for 2-3 minutes. Softening acne and open the pores will help easily remove them.

4.0 Washing Your Hands and Disinfect Extractor Tools: using medical alcohol pads clean acne tools

5.0 Removing acne/pimple/blackhead with someone tools

Feature and Function:

① Two Loops on each side: squeezing stubborn acne, blackhead/whiteheads, pimples, and fat granules. Professionally designed for acne treatment and moderate size remove blockage easily

② Sharp Tip and Squeezing loop: using sharp tip easily needles the surface skin of acne and then gently presses the other side loop on the area of acne, pimple, or blackhead

③ Triangular and Squeezing loop: special triangular design removes acne, blackheads and fat granules, etc. Squeezing loop side better clean up remained blockages after masking

④Wide and Fine loops: Wide side for squeezing big acne pores without pain and better for face treatment; the fine loop is post-care blemishes and cleaning up remaining and better for nose care

Fundamental solutions:

1. Drink water much

2. Intake oily foods in daily life

3. Keep in a pleasant mood, and follow health break time avoiding stay up late

4. Do moderate exercise

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