Perspex Screen Sneeze Guard Counter Plexiglass Protection Protective Shield, Screen: 4mm, Support Legs, Size: 80 x 60 cm (WxH)


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  • HIGH-QUALITY SPIT PROTECTION – This sturdy, protective counter screen is made from acrylic plexiglass and protects you from bacteria, viruses, micro-particles from coughing sneezing, and saliva splashes. Perfect to put on counters or business areas where people meet each other. The visually appealing cut-out is 30cm wide by 15cm tall, making it the perfect size for transferring all sorts of items from card terminals and receipts to food and beverages. A must-have in these special times.


  • A VERSATILE HIGH-QUALITY SOLUTION – A PlexiDirect counter or office screen is a versatile solution to ensure a safe (working) distance between people in very different circumstances. It is therefore ideal for numerous locations including; offices, shops, stores, (doctor) clinics, (takeaway) restaurants, libraries, classrooms, call centers, etc. The screen is made of acrylic plexiglass and is scratch-resistant, helping to reduce workplace disturbances and creating private workstations.


  • SIMPLIFIED INSTALLATION – The plexiglass screen is 4 mm thick and can easily be installed by putting it in the two plexiglass-; Aluminium feet or table clamps that are included. The screen is neatly finished; the corners of the screen are rounded. PlexiDirect has a wide range of different plexiglass feet or table clamps, such that it can fit any surrounding without notice. The silver table clamps are our favorite.


  • HIGH TRANSPARENCY – Due to its high transparency of 92%, the PlexiDirect screens are hardly noticeable when hung or set on counters/desks, but still, effectively prevent the spread of viruses. PlexiDirect plexiglass has long been known as a very suitable substitute for classic glass: It is lighter in weight, as much as 25 times stronger, and at the same time cheaper. Moreover, it is weather-resistant (no discoloration) and is fairly easy to work with.


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