YNR Dental Kit Tooth Scraper Mirror Scale Set Tartar Calculus Plaque Remover 4Pc


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YNR Dental Hygiene Kit Deep Teeth Cleaning Tools with Dental Mirror Dental Probe Sickle Scaler Dental Oral Care Teeth Whitening & Cleaning Set with Tartar Tartar Plaque Remover for Home

  • Essential Instruments for Oral Hygiene: Dentist tool set includes essential tools needed to keep your oral hygiene in top condition. Supplied with 1 Dental Mirror, 1 Dental Probe, 1 Sickle Dental Scaler ; 1 dental Scaler,
  • Professional Care: Bacteria build up easily on and between your teeth like plaque and tartar, and it’s hard to remove by brushing. KEEP this tartar and plaque set in hand for removal of debris, plaque etc. Take good care of your teeth like a pro.
  • surgical-grade stainless steel: each tool has been carefully made from premium grade medical grade stainless steel to ensure safety and longevity. Ideal for hygiene enthusiasts, dentists, orthodontists to remove stubborn stains, plaque, tartar, bacteria and dirt etc.
  • Pet friendly: suitable for your beloved pets whose teeth need to be well cared for. Use this Oral Care Set once a week as part of Dental Oral Hygiene Maintenance and Annoyingly Veterinarian Save. (Human & Pet Keep Tool Separated)
  • Portable and Compact: A sturdy zipper case included to keep the tools well organized. Because it’s portable, it’s great for business travel and travelling. This dental hygiene set is a 45-day money-back and 12-month carefree day.

YNR Dental Hygiene Kit

Do you have an appointment with Dentists every time before you see him? The stubborn stains, removal of plaque, tartar, bacteria and dirt on or between their teeth problems? It’s a much easier way to get to her. You can do your home improvement dental cleaning yourself at home with our Dental Hygiene Kit “key to a healthy mouth

Complete set to meet all the needs of your dental

Our Dental Hygiene Kit includes every tool needed to properly work at home teeth cleaning. 1 Mirror, 1 Dental Probe, 1 Sickle Dental Scaler, Ultrasonic Tile Remover, 1 Hoe Dental Scaler.

Premium stainless steel

We all appreciate our customer safety and experience, that is why we use the finest stainless steel. Each tool is built to last and utmost precision with every application. Unlike some cheaply-made set on the market, it rusts easily and often, we would not have such problems.

Ideal for your pet in the family

Unbeatable Dentist Toolkit is not only suitable for us but also for your beloved pets, keeping your teeth healthy throughout the year. Use this dental care kit once a week as part of Dental Oral Hygiene Maintenance and Annoying, Vet Saving. (Human & pets keep tools separate)

Included is a leather zippered pocket,

Comes with a nice protective cover to keep the tools well organized, making it convenient for business trips and travelling. So you can keep your teeth healthy and clean every day.


Material: stainless steel

Package dimensions: 20 x 6 x 3 cm

Packing: 150 g / 3pcs Kit Product weight incl. Packaging: 100 g


Please sterilize the tools before and after each use.

Make sure the tools dry well before storing.


1 x Dental Mirror

1 x dental probe

1 x Sickle Dental Scaler

1 x Dental Scraper (not in the 3 PCS Kit)

Additional information

Weight 140 g
Dimensions 150 × 60 × 10 cm
Set Kit

4 Pcs Kit



Set Kit

4 Pcs Kit


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