YNR® Blackhead Remover Tool Kit 2 in 1 Comedone Extractor Set


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YNR® Blackhead Remover Tool Kit 2 in 1 Comedone Extractor Set


  • 100% HYGIENIC AND SAFE: Each tool is made of dermatologist grade and highly polished stainless steel which is easy to sterilize. It helps minimize the risk of infection. Simply and safely treat your pimples, acne, and blackheads without further inflaming your sensitive skin
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL: The beauty tools with different sizes and shapes help remove the spot, whiteheads, clogged pores,s and skin blemishes to keep your face clean and smooth without a scar. Just enjoy a professional-level treatment at your home with YNR Blackhead Extractor
  • SIMPLE OPERATION: Sterilize the Acne Remover with alcohol. Stab the cuticle with the pinhead, and impale the fiber under the skin after turning the blackhead, acne, and comedo out. Great to clean daily makeup residue, completely clear the pores permeated by makeup.

Product Description:

Blackhead remover kit is specially designed for sufferers of Blackheads, Acne, Pimples, Comedones, Zits, Spots, Blemishes, Clogged pores, and more. 5 different tools provide you with precise treatment for your skin. Based on the size of the spot, you can choose the best fit from these tools. Just hold the grip and push the tool over the spot to the loop covers around it to extract the bad stuff from the area. The tools are made of 100% dermatologist-grade stainless steel. With special electroplated technology, it’s high quality, safe and durable.


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